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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Wife owned after the work

Submited by steelrules
8 years ago
735 851

Pretty-looking wife just came from work and now she wants to perform her dreams in reality, which was overcoming her ever since morning.

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 03 November, 2016
    Yes, I agree. The cross is nice...nice show of both beauty and faith!
  • choppers
    choppers 06 July, 2016
    Absolutely gorgeous babe! Lucky fellow. Like to bang her till my dick falls off-wow!
  • Cowboy Don
    Cowboy Don 12 October, 2015
    Too short
  • Pussylicker16 03 September, 2015
    Yes, she looked gorgeous & big titted at the start, in her nice top, then all we see is a fat guys arse who can't even fuck her properly., ###r woman if that's her husband !!!
  • Riffage 15 June, 2015
    Yeah, this aint gay porn is it? Just some guys fat ass as hes porkin his wife that we CANT SEE.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 November, 2014
    Show More tits while fucking show .
  • bill
    bill 07 November, 2014
    love that cross she wears...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 30 September, 2014
    worst shitty tube vid ever
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 18 August, 2014
    Bazilius loves dick in his ass!
  • Bazilius
    Bazilius 30 June, 2014
    All we're seeing is the stupid git shagging his big titted wife. We want to see HER tits and cunt not his stupid arse
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