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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Wife Gloria meets BBC Frank

Submited by Peruanasexy
4 years ago
1 130 444
  • FilmCritic
    FilmCritic 25 January, 2018
    This was a GREAT film. OK, character arc is how a character changes over time. Its hot as hell to watch her go from ambivalent to devouring that cock with her pussy. Also, who's the white guy sitting at the computer? Is that her husband? She makes eye contact with him several times during the film. And who the fuck is the guy running this show? Was this supposed to be a porn film? Was he the guy who set this up? I'd love to know more about this video.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 08 April, 2017
    good fuck by BBC
  • simon
    simon 29 July, 2016
    want to be in the room watching gloria wjyh blackstud wanking my white cock
  • terryn1944 15 May, 2016
    does anyone know if gloria is a amateur or porn star or any other fuck films she has done? she sfucking hot
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 October, 2015
    She looks stoned... The background music is great, though.
  • Gord
    Gord 05 August, 2015
    Looks like Diane from Toronto! Me and my two friends fucked her bareback and she got knocked up. Her husband was stoned and we me him and his wife in a strip club in Toronto and we ended up back at a Delta hotel and fed her ### Cesars and up to the hotel room. We watched some amateur cuckold movies and got her buzzed on lines and then we all got naked and fucked her senseless for five hours!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 23 June, 2015
    This was boring.....Were they high????
    YANNI 21 June, 2015
    it's the only movie that make us hot and jalousie especially her...she is dreaming and wishing to meet a black guy with hard cock that can please her for more than hour....I wish too to find a black horse for her.....
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 29 March, 2015
    Women like big cocks,Color doesn't matter
  • Valmont
    Valmont 19 February, 2015
    Beyond BBC they are cool men !
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