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wife and friend wife happy time

Submited by Diskdiaper
5 years ago
1 201 882
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  • aaross 03 January, 2017
    It is nice when two women are affectionate to each other, only the background music is stupid.
  • Andrew 19 July, 2016
    great being there but crap cam work and whats with the music ??
  • wolfattack
    wolfattack 13 September, 2014
    The same idiot who handled the camera also put the jungle crap on
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 08 September, 2014
    Been a lot better without the Fucking yard ape music.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 27 August, 2014
    Filmed with a potato?
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 18 August, 2014
    Did a blind guy shoot the video?
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 18 August, 2014
    Kind of boring!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 07 August, 2014
    ill fuck one of yall
  • eatspussy
    eatspussy 06 August, 2014
    would like to see some pussy eating, maybe finger fuck her ass too somebody should of cum besides the cameraman
  • Rich
    Rich 11 June, 2014
    Would really like to see them go down on each other.
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