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US Army Stud Homemade Sextape

Submited by Mr_Klitor
2 670
4 years ago
631 998
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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 June, 2016
    Stud? This dude sucks....her ass is nice though!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 05 October, 2015
    Army fag!!! Nobody thinks you're cool dude. The army is full of losers.
  • SFCC
    SFCC 11 December, 2014
    Thats not a black belt its a dark green belt that the army issued after they fielded the ACU's in 2003. Also its an army barracks room, you can tell by the bed and the wall lockers behind the bed.
  • Comrade
    Comrade 15 November, 2014
    The army does have a black belt jus so you all kno and for the guy that said hes a disgrace how bout you fight for the country then you whinny little bitch hes a american soldier so no matter if he gets his belt right or not ill still call him a fellow soldier and you a whinny bitch who will never amount to nothing
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 06 November, 2014
    people do what they want sometimes in the army, and a black belt would not be a dead giveaway that he isn't a soldier. it may not be reg, but he could get away with it since its generally hidden under the top
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 03 November, 2014
    actually it still could be a soldier. With the light the way it is, if he is wearing the olive drag belt rather than the tan belt it could look that way
  • No name
    No name 24 October, 2014
    This is a disgrace dick. the lady did not enjoy it the way she wanted.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 October, 2014
    the belt gives it away that he isn't a soldier... fucking disgrace.
  • i know that girl
    i know that girl 23 October, 2014
    i know that girl
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 October, 2014
    She was way to much for that ###.
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