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Unbearable pleasure

Submited by Erliona
9 years ago
81 353

Morning time… I have a hangover but still I can’t but think about his dick in my mouth. I want him to be rude with me, polish my pussy non-stop . When I finally reached him, I did what I was dreaming about – we had a great fuck. He’s the guy I badly need in my bedroom))) Since it was heavily raining we stayed at home, I teased him a little – made a strip performance but he was always in a hurry, had to leave on business. As soon as I got in the car I understood that I badly want him and we’ll hardly come in the city without having sex. I asked him to stop the car because I wanted to liquid… Well, you may guess that I played with him and we were late… My nipples were so hard, I was soaking and horny knowing that we can be caught any moment.

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