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Stood up

Submited by zloy_Anonist
2 950
4 years ago
3 724 153
  • Anonymus
    Anonymus 09 March, 2018
    Her name is Susan.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 October, 2017
    From what i can tell this is a real amateur video. The hottie is obviously smitten with the goof who doesn't know how to fuck and i would guess he takes advantage of her wanting to be with him and has convinced her to let his goof buddy record the entire thing as well as take pics. He's obviously younger than she is, and from the music and his dumb ass haircut i would say late 80's or early 90's. Now the idiot doing the filming is trying to join in but walks away from her trying to play with his dick after the loser fucking her asks her to suck his buddies dick (11:21)) because he is probably not able to hold his load and doesn't want to look like a complete f'n rookie. No lousy camera crew, just a couple of boneheads who have no f'n idea how to fuck or film.
  • suitrob7 29 October, 2016
    I agree with all the other comments. What a pathetic waste of a beautiful woman. Just about the worst camera work I've seen - and there's plenty out there!
  • Anonymus
    Anonymus 06 August, 2016
    Who are this guys???
  • LOL
    LOL 17 July, 2016
    this asshole thinks people want to see his fat fucking ass
  • Gary
    Gary 21 February, 2016
    As above really, very ###r camera work spoiled what could have been a very nice production. Great lady.
  • Edwardo
    Edwardo 20 January, 2016
    Beautiful lady, horrible production crew. Walking in front of the shot, focusing on his knee.
    She needs a better crew, not a bunch of bozos.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 December, 2015
    Rhinos fuck betta than that
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 November, 2015
  • ebrown
    ebrown 31 October, 2015
    Worst camera work ever, She looks hot but we'll never know because the camera man is a moron.
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