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Small Dick Reaction 2

Submited by sabziro
2 942
4 years ago
219 690
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  • pencildick
    pencildick 02 May, 2016
    the girl at 9:40- pretty much what happens to me every time a girl sees my baby dick
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 August, 2015
    I bet all these girls have stretched out fish smelling flopppy cunts that a nigger dick could go into.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 July, 2015
    wish we saw the other half!!!
  • Terry.
    Terry. 19 January, 2015
    For starters. What do we really know. What they are looking at? Some of these girls have no experience in knowing. Some would laugh . Because of embarrasement. Look at some of these females--are funny looking to. I would how many of the have dark ###s they woud be embarrassed about. How big their pussy lips are. How big their pussy is from shoveing large things in it or being knotted buy dogs.Its ds happen more the quite often.So this tape==showed nothing . Its was useless--a waste of time.
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