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Rude boy ride - AMAZING prostate orgasm!

Submited by grhm
4 years ago
321 253

OK. Here is a second shot at filming myself with my rude boy prostate vibrator. I hope you get a better view this time,) This is the beginning and the end of a 30 minute session edited together. During that time I experienced a series of internal prostate orgasms (I lost count after about 5 progasms in the first 10 minutes), which felt absolutely incredible. I can feel the prostate gland contracting really hard and a warm feeling spreading throughout my body, and it feels like i'm cumming without ejaculating. This was the first time however that the prostate stimulation resulted in a full ejaculatory orgasm as well. As you can see in the last minute, the feelings become even more powerfull and pre-cum starts flowing from my dick. I actually spurted a bit of pre-cum before I felt the full orgasm hit me and I started cumming like crazy. God, I get horny just writing about it...

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  • JackNOnner
    JackNOnner 21 September, 2015
    Wifey promised me one of these for my birthday. Just purchased a book on the topic of prostate massage. Looking forward to trying it and having her help along the way! Another video could be "cumming" soon to a porn site near you! Cheers
  • Admirer
    Admirer 04 September, 2015
    Well that's on my to do list now!
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