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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Real BBC wives Vol I

Submited by flyrod
4 years ago
3 800 614
  • cockus_maximus 24 February, 2019
    Fuckin' slideshow.
  • Drkman
    Drkman 31 August, 2018
    Way too much oral and not enough fucking.
  • ali1947
    ali1947 25 June, 2017
    wish I was hung like these guys.
  • King Jeremy THe WICKED 23 June, 2017
    DIRTY MOUTH? Cant Clean Nigger out of a white girls mouth, eventually she'll be a mud dog, then shes getting beaten up for not turning enuf tricks for his CRACK HABIT
  • jerry
    jerry 12 January, 2017
    some big cocks in the one like to my mouth on some of them
  • Mike
    Mike 02 December, 2016
    Truth is some women like really big ones and some ### them, there is no hard and fast rule. Just have to find one you are compatible with. Size matters for sure, for some , but not all.
  • darren
    darren 01 December, 2016
    A lot of girls I talk to in my office are very up front.....they are honest these days. .I'm told that women always play down the size of cock they prefer ..something like their vaginas are so small..but a couple of girls I work with say they are honest about it..they like their guys big not as long as guys think, but they say girth matters ..the thicker the better.
  • LOL
    LOL 13 October, 2016
    Music is fucking gay. It's a terrible choice, yet I respect the uploader anyway. Great slideshow :)
  • SEXY
    SEXY 19 May, 2016
  • Stephie
    Stephie 09 January, 2016
    I really liked this video, many of the shots were so good. I especially liked the one with the blondish girl who was with two guys and they both had huge cocks, I would love to have been in her shoes. I havien't had a big one yet but I will soon I am sure. Jennie and Jilly, I love your comments, wish there was a way for us to chat . Maybe Jamaica is the place to go, no need to hide there and no worry about being seen.
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