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my husband fucked the BI Guy and then the guy fucks me

Submited by Nuderihana
2 years ago
179 165
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  • axemandave 03 April, 2019
    love her boobs and pussy
  • Jackie
    Jackie 05 November, 2018
    I would have loved to take part in this threesome! Sexy people!
  • jack eheart 02 July, 2018
    Wife is nice to let guy ride husband's dick then get fucked herself!
  • Fourinchtim
    Fourinchtim 04 January, 2018
    Love the smooth cock!
  • sioban
    sioban 20 September, 2017
    też bym tak chciał dosiąść sztywnego kutasa,a moja pani by mi trzepała i obciągała.mniam :)
  • dude8140
    dude8140 07 August, 2017
    young bi guy was well built guy who would have been a lot of fun to have sex with..met a guy who was the roommate of a guy I hooked up with, he said when I go to leave, he'd like to go with me and spend some time hanging out watching porn and playing.. at first he wanted to get a girl to join us but after a couple ###s and something to get high on, he said you're probably better than any street walking chick i'm going to find... he was built stocky and good looking guy, liked it all, liked sitting on my cock, liked fucking, liked cocksucking, you name it.. we even drove naked middle of night to a sleazy adult book store to get more porno.. manager liked us coming in naked for porn.. was funny and hot.
  • wanking youth
    wanking youth 11 February, 2017
    I want to slurp this thick goo and come into the girl´s mouth
  • Don Pixote
    Don Pixote 04 February, 2017
    I would love to be in the place of the young guy. Serving hubby and wife
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