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Korean girl super cute and perfect body show Webcam Vol.55

Submited by Ohlvr
4 years ago
194 027
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  • lol
    lol 16 March, 2016
    like a nice person, but that the reality of pink races.
    no more disgusting worship for the fake race who pretends to be white even they are not white at all, yes call them as a pink and start calling people a white who's really white just like the people who looks like the korean girl in this vid.
    northeast asians are so gifted, especially koreans.
  • and
    and 16 March, 2016
    i guess it's time for me to call that kinda korean girls to a "white", see? that skin is the real white skin, europeans should stop calling their pinky red skin as a white, they are pink, not white, and european skin is actually not a skin to us, it's more like a leather to us, too thick, fat, stinky, gets old fast and too much hairs on it, which is disgusting. look Amanda Seyfried thesedays, she might look beautiful to you guys, but she looks like a grandma to korean girls, i know she seems like a nice person tho, but her race man, it's helpless. so i'm a northeast asian, and i'm so whiter than the pink people who call themselves as white even they are not white at all.
    so stop calling your pink ass a white and start calling me a white. we are living in a 21st century thesedays, we have 2 eyes to see what the truth is, so shut up & listen to what i say, yes i'm asking you to open your eyes, wake up & accept the reality which is the truth.
  • yeah
    yeah 16 March, 2016
    i agree with ya man, kor girls are the best in the world for sure, look at their skins, they don't have that kinda disgusting freckles on their skin at all which a lot of western girls have. so soft fresh baby skin of korean girls are the best, and the rest of females are the same shit, that's why we don't feel that feminine much from other girls especially the europeans. no offense, not a racist, just to be honest that's all.
  • barry
    barry 12 December, 2015
    wish i speak korean she is a real spunk
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