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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Two Latino gays anal defloration

Submited by Vietnamteen
5 years ago
615 202

Two skinny Latino gay teens get filmed by me in this amateur sex video as they masturbate and try anal for the first time. There is some intercrural sex before penetration.


  • Fritz
    Fritz 17 September, 2017
    Pas intéressant, l'enculeur bande mou et tous ces poils chez les deux, c'est moche !
  • aquarianguy 09 August, 2017
    hot vid
  • GapingGay 20 June, 2017
    I love boy who motivated in the begining, & feel pain while he take it inside
    This make me hit more
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 05 January, 2015
    How can this be a private clip when there is a sound track and obviously a camera man. This is professional porn. I fucking ### when site lie about their shit.
  • muito bom
    muito bom 12 December, 2014
  • Hadleigh
    Hadleigh 15 November, 2014
    Yes- they are Arabs, NOT South Americans! Arabs have a long tradition of boy sex. But they keep it VERY private. In fact, Middle East guys LOVE cock fun and male-to-male fucking. And they do it really well. This is beautiful.
  • Otief
    Otief 21 May, 2014
    Really amazing that two arab ###s have dared to make a video like this. Cute, tender, loving video. I wonder who decided to title it as "two latino". Do you have any knowledge of world ethnic groups or races? Nothing is worse than active ignorance. Have you even listened to the backgroung music? Arab looking, arab music. Do you know the ethimology of the word "latino"? Nothing is worse than active igorance.
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