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first orall-service from my fiance

Submited by Suzy125
4 years ago
269 990
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  • Randy-Panda 13 April, 2019
    Would love to see her naked. She's sexy as fuck!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 November, 2018
    If he proposed before she ever sucked his cock he's an idiot. Condemned to a marriage with very little head.
  • Apollo
    Apollo 03 August, 2018
    man she gives good effort sucking him off. Gorgeous cock, i think i would love to suck it. And that I would be great at it.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 March, 2018
    He's an asshole, hope she tels him tongo to hell.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 November, 2017
    Mick.... it says first oral from his fiancé. Not her first oral. Fucking learn to read.
  • Mick
    Mick 26 October, 2017
    He actually thinks that this is her first time, orally ? I'm guessing that she's done this before.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 May, 2017
    Good girl. Swallows. She's a keeper.
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