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dumb deaf beauty

Submited by XhX_xxx
2 657
5 years ago
505 710
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  • Mutterficker
    Mutterficker 25 August, 2018
    Alle fotzen sind dumm.
    Ist aber egal solange die mir schön den schwanz lutschen
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 13 November, 2017
    Although she obviously needs more practice how to suck a Penis well, she isn't too bad for a Irish girl. That aside, this man is fortunate to have parents intelligent enough to have had his Penis CIRCUMCISED at birth.
  • bigdawggee 02 February, 2017
    Not the prettiest girl in the world, but what she lacks in looks she makes up with skill. Brava!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 November, 2016
    More importantly, this dude has hopefully trained his little ###ter to swallow all of his semen when he ejaculates.
  • Woderwick 18 August, 2016
    I wonder if he shot his load in her mouth...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 28 December, 2015
    Good Girl!!!!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 29 August, 2015
    Angelo always was a quart low..
  • Angelo
    Angelo 04 August, 2015
    First comment said he had a "pencil penis". ot sure what video you were looking at.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 27 June, 2015
    mmhmm, undoubtably she is able to accept that much of his manhood into her mouth due to him having a pencil penis..
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 June, 2015
    Great composition & excellent not to hear any music playing.. This little girl was trained well by not making eye contact with the camera.. It's nearly a candid video of her sucking Penis so well..
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