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DareDorm Episode: Closet jerker

Submited by Dare Dorm
Dare Dorm
4 years ago
2 454 065

Each one time in a whilst we receive a submission that stands out from the rest. Imagine awaiting to surprise your girlfriend in her dorm room when her 2 roommates suddenly arrive and begin getting bare right in advance of your eyes. Do u keep quiet whilst hiding and filming from the closet? Well that's exactly what went down on this week's Dare Dorm. And see what happens next!

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  • time4recess 07 March, 2019
    Dare Dorm is hilarious. Always features girls that have never taken a college class and those who would not be able to spell "college".
  • fuxcunt 06 October, 2017
    With three slits and one dick in the room, I would have liked to see a lot more pink.
  • stephen1169 11 November, 2016
    came home from work one day and found my wife with her best friend of 20 years going down on each other jumped right in and we have her husband included now
  • Sudarshan
    Sudarshan 18 October, 2016
    This is real. please trust. my best friend also told me that he had same expeirienced in his collage. this is not fake.
  • Joshnya69 04 October, 2016
    If only they weren't hired "actors".
  • jj
    jj 21 September, 2016
    The BJ girl is a knockout
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 25 June, 2016
    Gia Paige
  • Batman
    Batman 19 May, 2016
    What is the character Gf name, the one who gives blowjob in this video who is she?
  • yeah right
    yeah right 13 May, 2016
    this would be great if the description were tru but it is obviously a scripted, maybe even professional, video
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