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Cute girl Not Afraid of Getting a Bit Rough

Submited by Mehek2013
3 years ago
366 318

Stress relief comes in many forms, but none quite as good as terrorizing a vagina connected to a girl you just met 15 mins ago. Weed ain't got shit on this.

  • Anon
    Anon 24 January, 2019
    Sneila / Vika Sokol
  • Surfnaked 14 January, 2019
    Cute lady with an asskicking body.I would have fucked her bareback and filled her hot wet cunt full of my seed
  • Chester 09 December, 2018
    oh my please let there be more of her
  • Dj
    Dj 04 November, 2018
    Her body is perfect.
  • robertflip 12 October, 2017
    She is a smart girl so she uses a condom ! Who knows her name ?
  • Mozzer
    Mozzer 02 August, 2017
    So often the scenarios presented in porn videos are obviously fake and contrived, but in this example the man's use of a condom does strongly suggest that he had met this girl only 15 minutes before the fun began. If she had been in a regular relationship with him or anyone else she would be on the pill and a condom would not be necessary. Alternatively she could be a prostitute and a condom would be necessary to avoid transmission of venereal disease. I am undecided about this. On the one hand she looks too beautiful to be a prostitute, but on the other hand she does not show signs of sexual arousal like a wet pussy and erect nipples. Anyway, would a prostitute spend 47 minutes with you and perform six different sexual positions? Also it seemed weird that she would happily let the man fuck her her mouth if she had only just met him. Surely you would have to achieve a certain level of intimacy with a women before doing something like that. Another weird thing in the video is the typical porn ending in which he ejaculates over her face which would never happen with a casual pickup. This suggests that the video was not as spontaneous as we are supposed to believe, but was scripted with her cooperation.

    Anyway, I appreciate being provided with the opportunity to watch two beautiful young people bonking with gusto. Whoever you are thanks!
  • Mozzer
    Mozzer 31 July, 2017
    Why is he using a Durex? Surely a hot girl like this would be on the pill. There is the possibility that she is not a slut and she does not get laid all that often, in which case she would not be permanently prepared for fucking.
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