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Consummate tractable redhead used as cum dump

Submited by ADOLO
4 years ago
323 374
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  • Dj
    Dj 20 April, 2018
    She’s got a Jessica Chastain vibe going on. Love the red heads with creamy white skin and skills like this babe.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 03 November, 2017
    Always nice to hear from a man who wants to "save" women from their own sexuality. Because CLEARLY no woman ever actually wants anything "dirty," it is all only something they put up with to keep a man, and if only their knight in shining armor would save them, then she could act out HIS "pure" sexual fantasies and bear him a pure and innocent little lolli to clitorectomize.
  • connieseur
    connieseur 26 June, 2017
    I forgot to add if I was a female with those skills, - (I'm a male who would appreciate what she was doing), - and if he kept slapping me, I would either bite hard on it when it was all the way in, or, cut it off with a knife - after all he wouldn't be losing much. Clearly he is NOT a gentleman.
  • connieseur
    connieseur 06 May, 2017
    With a wife doing that so well there was no need to slap her face, - it wasn't as if she couldn't get that apology of a cock into her mouth, - she couldn't have gone any deeper if she had wanted to. I always think men that hit women are no longer men, - I would have left him if I was a female and found someone who appreciated me for what I could do and was. After all she looked damned attractive to me, - I'm sure she had plenty of other skills as well.
  • pembrook 04 June, 2016
    Not much of a deep throat with a 4 inch cock. But I do love her enthusiasm, commitment, focus & passion
  • Want to be her
    Want to be her 22 June, 2015
    I would suck that cock 24/7 and swallow ALL of his cum!!!
  • dafne
    dafne 24 January, 2015
    Golly gee, I wish I could deepthroat like that!
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