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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Businesman Fucks Cumhole Raw up the Woods

Submited by christ1979
4 years ago
139 238

The camera was pointing just a touch too low, plus his open shirt kinda hangs in the way of a lot of good shots....such is the nature of filming anonymous outdoor sex with strangers, unfortunately the perfect shot can't always be achieved.......however he WAS the perfect fuck! such a nice big cock, i suck him a while, deepthroating his big Businessman's tool, he sucks me off a bit (which of course i've edited out)...then i get what i wanted, he fucks me nice - deep, hard and raw,.....He pulls out before cumming though (his choice!) but it works out well as i get a lovely a-t-m facial right at the end :o) watch for the pull-out moment, mmmmmmm i just love feeling that pop as his cock springs out

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  • Bruce 16 August, 2019
    That was totally HOT! I have always wanted to suck off a business man and a hung one like this one would be perfect. Both guys have such delicious cocks and balls. Nice ass too.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 September, 2016
    Great video, really hot....where is this park?....I would love to be able to watch more of this type of videos, are there any more?
  • deedey
    deedey 29 August, 2016
    Where can I find this woods!
  • briefslove
    briefslove 21 March, 2016
    Really hot - loved the way the businessman was wearing his hot grey briefs throughout all the action!
  • shydog
    shydog 16 February, 2016
    This was a very hot video . loved it all the way . it was as if I was there watching I'm so hard . want more.
  • charlysensual 31 October, 2015
    Rico. Hot!
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