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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Amateurs sex below the waist

Submited by NexgiggetaLit
7 years ago
4 096 308

A couple of horny amateurs focus on their hidden treasures below the waist. She loves to have her pussy fingered and returns the pleasure by jerking and sucking his hard boner just like any beginner would.

  • Dndoney
    Dndoney 26 July, 2018
    wow alots of gays are here !
  • null
    null 08 May, 2017
    he has a big thick beautiful cock ! love how she uses her mouth on his cock ! love to see them fuck and see him cum ; )
  • MR.OZ
    MR.OZ 08 January, 2017
    My wife wants to suck and fuck his big cock .Her panties were soaked after she told me what she would do to his big cock My hot wife wants that stud to fuck her virgin asshole.All he has to do his get in touch with her. My wife is sexy hot 45 year old. He would love her mouth and tight wet pussy.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 07 January, 2017
    Anyone got a name of this couple?
  • jem01 06 November, 2016
    he is gorgeous - i love his body!
  • Woderwick 31 October, 2016
    Would love to fuck her and suck on those lovely tits as o pump my load into her...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 September, 2016
    She takes a look time to show off her nice full breasts. Her soft curves are very youthful; she is obviously not a high schooler but still appealingly inexperienced. Both have very tidy shaved areas. Guy goes down her for brief time. He gets quite an extended hand job and his thick penis is quite impressive against his chiseled abs She gives him oral and video camera is moved around to show his unit. He never climaxes. Sound? Silent movies get boring...
  • Stefan
    Stefan 05 September, 2016
    Total geiler Schwanz. Den würde ich auch gern stundenlang lutschen und den Saft danach schlucken
  • Woderwick 18 August, 2016
    Mmmm yes lovely cock, love to have seen it pumping spunk...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 07 August, 2016
    I can't keep my eyes off his dick. OMFG, I'm straight but I cannot stop looking at it. I've never been even remotely attracted to guys or even trannies before.

    I never seen a dick like that and it is turning me on like nothing else. My dick is throbbing so hard, I wish I never clicked on this video. now I'm jerking off to another guy. his thick cock turned me bi I think. I just shot the craziest load too. i think i wanna blow him. sexy penis...
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