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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Crazy butt insertion collection

Submited by rokomoliya
6 years ago
920 400

When I first saw this video I thought it is a scam. It is almost unbelievable that someone can stick such huge items up the booty as in this anal insertion video.

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  • dito
    dito 23 May, 2016
    very nice and it feels good try it!

    Wld love to find some people that play that with me together.

  • SIckToStomach
    SIckToStomach 22 April, 2016
    This should say GAY on the top, so straight men do not open up a video of a dude stretching his nasty ass out.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 29 December, 2015
    In fact I saw that video. You know, where he craps the railcar
  • Switch
    Switch 03 December, 2014
    Yeah it's probably a guy but you know what - so what? You try getting those big things up there - NOT easy! But it does feel great! :)
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 October, 2014
    this man?
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 September, 2014
    pas mal jaime
  • Paråkning
    Paråkning 16 September, 2014
    .That aashole looked rally stretched, I mean it Is an aashole with à failure. Sick thing to always push things further. À Nice normal plug In the aas feels good and Its enough to most plugUsers. ;)
  • Idiots
    Idiots 21 August, 2014
    You know how I could tell its a dude? No vagina! That's pretty basic stuff when watching porn: the chicks have vaginas.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 21 August, 2014
    Dddaaayyyyuuummm :)
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 05 July, 2014
    And here I had trouble taking a shit this morning. This person could crap a rail car.
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