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old man with van part 1

Submited by Muneca1995
9 years ago
13 898

he picked her up and fucks her

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  • Swingerswife
    Swingerswife 09 July, 2014
    Yes, sometimes this is the price have to pay. But usually they tell before you sit in the car. But you have 10-100 miles for free for a few minutes entertainment you may also enjoy. This old men is very lovable, I wish every driver would be like him. Some of them rude, and try to ### you. Once I had to suck a guy and let him do me behind me and he said he has some sort business home. He took me to their house and I found out there I had to do the grandpa and his ###ther and his friend. Just when we finished his father got home he found me naked. He called me names, he hit me, he chased me with his belt. The others were laughing like it was a joke. Finally he caught me and he did me every possible position of the kama sutra. After a few hours of sitting, bending, kneeling etc I could hardly walk after this guy. The whole family before him was just a little tease compare to him. But, he took me home. Later he became my stepfather and of course he ###ed every other day to my bedroom when my mom felt ###.

    to his technique.
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