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Thank you for your vote! You have already voted for this video!

Taking out my dick in public bus

Submited by Karan18
6 years ago
399 785

I couldn’t help it – this chick next to me was so hawt and I needed to jerk my cock a bit. I filmed everything and made this masturbation video showing my cock getting stiff and her gorgeous butt and legs.

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  • zack jb
    zack jb 30 November, 2014
  • michael
    michael 22 April, 2014
    hope i can fuck forign girls or i can join porn
  • SaTaN
    SaTaN 20 April, 2014
    She wasn't interested in his tiny dick!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 04 February, 2014
  • Satan
    Satan 26 January, 2014
    First off, she had an UGLY ass! Secondly, she RAN away from the fat tiny bug dick fag who jerks off cause he cant get pussy! Third, it cuts off before it even gets started!
  • null
    null 08 December, 2013
    vachement nul
  • Bylting
    Bylting 18 November, 2013
    Mmmm real nice. I like it
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